Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) for Healthcare Providers

The Neonatal Resuscitation Program® (NRP) is an educational program that introduces the concepts and basic skills of neonatal resuscitation.

To obtain an NRP Provider Card an individual must successfully complete the NRP Online Examination, 7th Edition and successfully participate in skills and simulation review and testing under the guidance of a Palm Desert Resuscitation Education LLC (PDRE) NRP Instructor from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

In the classroom, students participate in simulated clinical scenarios and learning stations. Students work with an AAP NRP Instructor to complete NRP skills practice and skills testing.


  • Evidence-based approach to care of the newborn at birth and facilities effective team-based care for healthcare professionals who care for newborns at the time of delivery.
  • Blended approach: online testing, online case-based simulations, and hands-on case-based simulation/debriefing that focus on critical leadership, communication, and team-work skills.


  • The NRP Begins with the International Liason Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)
  • ILCOR is a mutli-national forum that reviews and shares scientific data on resuscitation every 5 years.

Where Does NRP Come From?

  • The international scientific community of ILCOR identifies knowledge gaps regarding resuscitation.
  • In the United States, the American Heart Association (AHA) oversees the writing of the “Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC).”
  • The Neonatal Resuscitation Guidelines are a section within this AHA document. The document is reprinted in the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation.
  • People refer to “NRP Guidelines”, bu they are actually AHA guidelines.

NRP Provider Course:

  1. Knowledge (textbook self-study, eSim and online examination).
  2. Skills (Performance Skills Stations and Integrated Skills Station).
  3. Teamwork and communication (Simulation and Debriefing).


  • NRP is designed for healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies in neonates. It is for healthcare professionals who need to know how to perform CPR, as well as other lifesaving skills, to neonates in a wide variety of in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings. This includes personnel in neonatal emergency response, emergency medicine, obstetric medicine, and especially neonatal intensive care and critical care units.

Who Takes the NRP Provider Course?

  • The NRP Provider Course is designed for health care providers involved in any aspect of neonatal resuscitation.
  • The course may be modified for out-of-hospital providers who desire in-depth training specific to neonatal resuscitation.
  • The NRP Provider course is most useful to participants who have delivery room experience or have seen healthy team newborn deliveries.


  • Online Exam and eSim cases
  • Instructor led, hands on class format reinforces skills proficiency
    • Course uses learning stations for practice of essential skills simulated clinical scenarios that encourage Active participation
    • Hands-on class format reinforces skills proficiency
    • Classroom-based works well for learners who prefer group interaction and instructor feedback while learning skills
  • Updated Science based content

Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 7th Edition Available for Purchase at PDRE:

  • Students must have access to a 7th edition textbook to allow time for self-study.
  • PDRE provides the new updated textbook for NRP for about $70.00 (receipt of the textbook may vary depending on the quantity and shipping details).
  • PDRE has a library of textbooks and may loan them to learners as needed.
  • PDRE also has eBooks to be purchased.

Course Content:

  • Key changes in neonatal life support, reflecting the new science from the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) and the Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 7th Edition
  • Part 1: 7th Edition Online NRP Provider Curriculum
    • Online Exam and eSim cases
  • Part 2: Instructor-Led Event
    • Lesson 1: Overview and Principles of Resuscitation
    • Lesson 2: Initial Steps of Resuscitation
    • Lesson 3: Use of Resuscitation Devices for Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV)
    • Lesson 4: Chest Compressions
    • Lesson 5: Endotracheal Intubation and Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion
    • Lesson 6: Medications
    • Lesson 7: Special Considerations
    • Lesson 8: Resuscitation of Babies Born Preterm
    • Lesson 9: Ethics and Care at the End of Life
  • Other In-Depth NRP Contents:
    • Neonatal advance life support skills, including effective chest compressions, use of airway management devices and use of a manual defibrillator (didactics only)
    • Recognition and early management of respiratory and cardiac arrest
    • Recognition and early management of peri-arrest conditions such as symptomatic bradycardia, respiratory conditions, and shock cases
    • Airway management
    • Related pharmacology
    • Effective communication as a member and leader of a neonatal resuscitation team
    • Effective Resuscitation Team Dynamics

Course Materials:

  • 7th Edition Online NRP Provider Curriculum (exam and eSim cases)
  • Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 7th Edition

Course Format:

  • Online and Classroom-based
  • 7th Edition NRP course consist of 2 Parts: Online PART 1 and Classroom-based PART 2
    • Online PART 1
      • Purchase the online portion of the NRP Course for $35 at Healthstream registration site (
      • Emphases on the foundation of neonatal resuscitation knowledge, which include the following:
        • NRP Healthcare Provider Exam
          • Section 1: Lessons 1-5 (25 questions)
          • Section 2: Lessons 6-11 (25 questions)
          • You have unlimited attempts to complete Section 1 and 2 of the exam
        • eSim Cases
        • Evaluation of Online Modules
    • Classroom-based PART 2
      • Purchase the classroom-based portion of the NRP Course below to link and register for a scheduled appointment at one of our PDRE facilities in Southern California or out-of-site locations.
      • Skills evaluation and hands-on portion of the NRP Course:
        • Attend an Instructor-led Event and bring the Online PART 1 NRP course completion certificate
        • Complete the Instructor-led Event Evaluation
        • The NRP e-card will be issued once all of the following will be successfully completed

Course Fee:

  • Neonatal Healthcare Providers: $135 + $70 (Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 7th Edition)
    • Total: $205
  • A comprehensive instructional textbook, which includes an interactive multi-media DVD-ROM, forms the basic educational component of the program and is available for purchase from our Palm Desert Resuscitation Education LLC (PDRE) website, over the phone, or in-person as a walk-in during our normal business hours of operation.
  • Shipping and Handling
    • UNDER $30
      • US UPS Ground $ 5.95
      • Canada $ 9.50
      • Outside
      • US & Canada $ 18
    • $30––$74.99
      • US UPS Ground $ 9.95
      • Canada $ 13
      • Outside US & Canada $ 24
    • $75––$149.99
      • US UPS Ground $13.95
      • Canada $ 21
      • Outside US & Canada $ 29
    • $150––$224.99
      • US UPS Ground $18.95
      • Canada $ 28
      • Outside US & Canada 38%†
    • $225––OVER
      • US UPS Ground 10%†
      • Canada 23%†
      • Outside US & Canada 38%†

The NRP Online Examination:

  • The online exam is required before participants attend the classroom portion of the NRP course.
  • The hands-on course must be attended within 90 days of completing the online examination.
  • The instructor can see who has completed the online examination by looking at the class roster prior to the course.
  • The fee for the online examination can be managed in several different ways.

eSim: An Online Simulation Exercise:

  • eSim is required before the classroom portion of the NRP course and allows learners to practice textbook knowledge and decision-making skills in a virtual 3-D environment.
  • Because learners arrive at the in-person course having already practiced NRP steps in sequence, more time is available during the course to improve hands-on skills and work on teamwork and communication.

The In-person Portion of the Provider Course at PDRE Includes 3 Components:

  1. Performance Skill Stations, PSS (optional)
    • PSS provide an opportunity to practice or review technical hands-on skills with instructor assistance.
    • The Instructor determines which PSS need to be included in their course based on their assessment of learners’ needs.
    • Even experienced learners benefit from this skills review and practice.
  2. The Integrated Skills Station, ISS (required)
    • The ISS evaluates each learner’s ability to demonstrate the steps in the NRP Flow Diagram in proper sequence, using proper technique, and without assistance from the instructor.
  3. Simulation and Debriefing (required)
    • This provides a safe setting in which to integrate cognitive and technical skills and focus on team communication and safety.
    • Debriefing is where the learning occurs, because learners reflect on the experience and critically evaluate their actions.
    • Simulation training depends on good methodology, not technology, such as expensive simulators.

What is the Length for PDRE’s NRP Provider Course?

  • NRP allows a great degree of flexibility in planning the course agenda.
  • The length of the course is dependent on the number of learning objectives and the skill level of learners.
  • The curriculum you are about to se typically takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on the experience and learning objectives of participants.

Continuing Education (CE) Credits:

  • Learners are offered continuing education credits for passing the online examination and eSim cases.
  • Credit is provided fro physicians, nurses, respiratory care practitioners, and emergency medical service personnel.


  • Students who successfully complete the NRP Course will receive a NRP Provider Course Completion Card, valid for two years:
  • Complete the online component for NRP
  • Actively participate in, practice and complete all learning stations in an in classroom-based course by an AAP NRP Instructor
  • The NRP Provider Card requires renewal every two years; CE credit is available and can be earned once every two years for successful study of the NRP materials, pre-test, completion of the online examination clinically relevant lessons and post-exam evaluation.

Scheduling & Discounts:

  • Register early because classroom-based courses fill-up quickly
  • Enrollment is limited
  • Course scheduling is subject to change without notice
  • Please call us if you have any questions or for discounted group rates and seasonal promotions!
  • Feel free to view our website for more information:

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Our AHA ACLS instructor, Dr. Nuqui, was very knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, and entertaining. Most of all, I really appreciated how well organized and engaging the initial provider course was conducted in a pleasant and comfortable learning environment. Not only was the training site facility brand-new but everything from the student materials, training AEDs, intubation equipment and manikins were up-to-date and in excellent condition.

William, MD

I was very impressed with how professional and enjoyable my ACLS and PALS renewal classes were at Palm Desert Resuscitation Education! As an emergency medicine registered nurse working at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, I wanted to be educated with the most commonly seen cardiac arrhythmias and their treatment but also needed classes that were attention grabbing and fun. Palm Desert Resuscitation Education instructors definitely kept my attention during the lengthy courses by having a balanced sense of humor, pertinent and brilliant instructions, and excellent case scenario discussions.

Rickey, RN

I highly recommend this training facility as your go-to CPR certification site for your healthcare job because Dr. Nuqui is not only passionate about saving lives but is awesome when it comes to teaching you the proper techniques of resuscitation including compressions, airway management, and defibrillator use. He shares his medical and teaching experiences while making you feel relaxed, stimulated, and well informed with the current AHA guidelines. He taught me exactly what I needed to know to be ready when cardiac arrest happens.

Ashley, LVN
During my Basic Life Support (BLS) class, I was given all of the necessary skills to be confident and not be afraid if ever one of my patients or family members collapses due to a heart condition, such as a heart attack. PDRE’s instructors and staff provide a very friendly, informative, humorous, interesting, and stress-free class that makes me want to personally refer all of my friends and family to do their CPR training at PDRE. Do not hesitate to try the best American Heart Association courses in the Desert Cities!
Karina, medical assistant and phlebotomist
As an elementary teacher who needed to be responsible for many students, I wanted to learn first aid basics and CPR in case I encounter a time when one of my students may either be choking, bleeding, seizes, faints, breaks a bone, sprains a muscle, becomes allergic, passes out, and experiences other first aid emergencies. Palm Desert Resuscitation Education’s first aid basics and CPR classroom course, which were held in our elementary school, was the perfect out-of-site learning setting to practice first aid basics and CPR for medical and injury emergencies. All of the staff and school employees are truly thankful and now self-assured to be able to provide possible practical first aid basics and CPR to our students, associates, friends or relatives. From my experience, Palm Desert Resuscitation Education quite honestly has the greatest, most efficient and personable instructors teaching top-of-the-line healthcare certification courses.
Gary, elementary teacher
Dr. Nuqui and his staff were truly amazing when I needed my BLS certification for my personal training business. He was very efficient and thorough with all of the course content and materials including the new guideline changes so that we are all up-to-date when it comes to performing effective CPR and step-by-step use of an AED. It was very easy to listen to him because he is not only a great instructor but is outgoing and personable. He really made the class enjoyable and easy to understand. I would definitely go back here for my BLS recertification.
Roel, personal trainer
Being a member of an exclusive golf club in the Palm Springs area, I was surprised by how much I learned in adult CPR and AED use, first aid basics, medical emergencies, injury emergencies, and environmental emergencies during an exciting and educational course held by Dr. Nuqui and other instructors in our private Club House. You never know when someone needs help, especially when we are out in the golf course, and those minutes before the first responders get to our location can be vital. Thus, those important medical techniques that Dr. Nuqui presented to us clearly could possibly save one of our participant’s lives. I now feel very comfortable that our golf club members were trained the proper way and can respond to almost any medical emergency.
Pat, General Manager
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