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Public Health Internship Program: CSUSM Community Partnership Agreement with Palm Desert Resuscitation Education LLC 

(CSUSM 5-Year Agreement #206942)

This Community Partnership Agreement is between the Trustees of the California State University on behalf of California State University San Marcos (CSUSM/CSU) and Palm Desert Resuscitation Education LLC (PDRE).

It is an opportunity for prospective students and interns to join the Partnership for Academic Internships and Service Learning Program.

General Partnership Criteria:

The following general partnership criteria applies to all off-campus academic learning partnerships with the California State University (CSU). Additional program criteria may apply and is indicated in the program section.

  • Provide students with on-site orientation that includes, but is not limited to an overview of the organization’s programs, policies, procedures and clients served; the service or work the student will be performing; placement expectations, including attire and professional conduct; specific training; and, information about any potential hazards or risks.
  • Provide student supervision.
  • Identify activities or work that may pose a health or safety risk. In the event that additional unforeseen risks become apparent, the organization must communicate in a timely manner all risk-related concerns to the CSU. Palm Desert Resuscitation Education LLC (PDRE) and its affiliated organizations may be required by California law to obtain a student’s fingerprints and submit them to the Department of Justice, and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for a criminal background check. If required, our organization may have responsibility to:
    • Determine whether such fingerprinting is required;
    • Obtain the student’s fingerprints;
    • Obtain criminal background clearance from the appropriate agency; and, incur the cost of fingerprinting.

Site Requirements and Safety Information:

In order to create a positive, safe and valuable out-of-classroom learning experience, CSU, PDRE and its affiliated organization faculty, students, college staff and community partners must work together as a team to make the most of the experience and manage the unique risks that exist. There is insurance available to protect CSU as well as the learning site, if the proper agreement is in place. Students can avoid unsafe situations when everyone is familiar with the placement details and a proper risk assessment has been completed. This risk assessment is not intended to prohibit educational experiences that may seem “too risky,” but rather to find ways to reduce the amount of risk and liability exposure, so that the off-campus learning opportunity is a safe, healthful and fulfilling educational experience for all parties involved. The public health interns and students will receive safety training pertaining to potential risks associated with their duties.

Additionally, some requirements will incur cost; in the majority of cases, this will be the responsibility of the public health interns and students.

  • Background Check (e.g. fingerprinting/livescan, driving record)
  • Computer Literacy
  • CPR Certification
  • Driver’s License
  • First Aid Certification
  • Health Check/Screening (e.g. temperature screening, COVID-19 test) Must be 18 or older
  • Pre-Placement Training TB Test

Type of Off-Campus Academy Learning Opportunity:

These are the types of off-campus academic learning opportunity our organization makes available to students:

  • Community Engagement
  • Academic Internships
  • Community Engagement and Service-Learning

Opportunity Information:

These are the opportunity information about the specific opportunity our PDRE and its affiliated organization has available for public health interns and students enrolled at our institution.

  • Opportunity Title: CSUM Public Health Internship
  • Opportunity Summary: The public health intern and students learn evidence-based approaches to public health; public health and health care systems; planning and management to promote health; policy in public health; and leadership in public health.
  • Tasks/Activities:
    • Support or assist with an event, program, or community project
    • Train clients
    • Support fundraising efforts (e.g. grant writing research, donor/donation outreach, collection drives)
    • Shadow a professional
    • Serve in a teaching role (including in an assistant role)
    • Serve in an advising/counseling role
    • Serve in a customer service/concierge role
    • Create curriculum, lesson plans, and/or activities (including physical or hands-on activities)
    • Create or promote marketing content
    • Deliver and/or package goods
    • Develop, present and/or facilitate a workshop, training, or tour
    • Participate in a workshop, training, or orientation
    • Participate in and/or lead outreach efforts
    • Provide general office administration (e.g. filing, data entry, processing forms, intra-office communication, meeting preparation, returning phone calls)
  • Training for Public Health Interns and Students: In-house training opportunities
  • Ongoing Support and Supervision to Students: One-on-one support and supervision
  • Location of Responsibilities To Be Performed: Combination of on-site and remote
  • Number of Hours and Duration of Commitment: 6 hours per week
  • Evaluations/Surveys Requested of Students: Yes
  • Ongoing Opportunity: Yes
  • Students Expected to Use a Personal Vehicle as Part of this Opportunity: Yes
  • Students Responsible for Any Fees as Part of this Opportunity: Yes
  • Students Receiving Any Form of Compensation for this Opportunity: No

Site Orientation Requirement:

Our organization is to provide the public health intern and student with a safety training/orientation pertaining to potential risks associated with the nature of the industry and organization prior to the start of and during the internship or service learning hours.

COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines:

Our organization is in compliance with all current COVID-19 Federal, State, and County public health guidelines.

Student Absenteeism and Make-Up:

Student absenteeism is strongly discouraged. Absenteeism and makeup will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis when the absence and makeup are in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Suggested Course:


  • Palm Desert Resuscitation Education LLC (PDRE) reserves the right to update or modify these policies, terms, and conditions.
  • Applicants are advised to complete the required initial enrollment process and submit the mandatory documents for matriculation.
  • Enrollment is limited.
  • Course scheduling is subject to change without notice.

Please call us to sign up for your classroom-based or out-of-site “code blue” or “code white” mock testing and evaluation for your medical and clinical team!